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Model Features

Automated Financial Analysis - Create fully integrated Models in Excel

Program builds integrated Models in Excel automatically.

1 Operating Model:

  1. Contains historical Income Statement information
  2. Includes calculations for select Non GAAP metrics such as EBITDA
  3. All items are projected using a schedule that can be manipulated by the User
  4. CapEx can be projected as well to givee the User a good, succinct valuation summary
  5. This model would be linked with all other models in the same file

2 WACC (Under Construction)

  1. Program takes the tickers provided by the User, and obtains the beta, debt, and equity information for the comparable companies
  2. Program then conducts a full WACC analysis and gives the User the flexibility to change beta, cost of debt, tax rate, target cap structure and other assumptions
  3. Analysis includes two sensitivity tables to hone in on the cost-of-capital of the business in question

3 FCF and DCF analysis

  1. Conduct Free Cash Flow and Discounted Cash Flow analysis.
  2. Change cost of capital, tax rate, exit multiple, perpetuity growth rates according to your preferences

4 Balance Sheet

  1. Program presents the balance sheet information and arranges them in special buckets that are relevant for valuation analysis (cash, current assets, long-term assets, current liabilities, long-term liabilities, debt, and equity)
  2. This will be used to project out working

5 Working Capital analysis

  1. Program collects Revenue and COGS from the Operating Model and projects the Working Capital items accordingly
  2. This will be used again on the DCF and the LBO

6 LBO Analysis with self-balancing balance sheet

  1. Model Conducts a comprehensive Leveraged Buyout Analysis and includes the ability to introduce new Cap Structure
  2. Model will make all required adjustments to starting balance sheet and will adjust the relevant terms for the tansaction parameters
  3. Introduce new cap structure and adjust cost of debt assumptions as well as create customized debt amortization schedules for each tranche of debt
  4. Program will create an excess paydown schedule which aids in equity build up and deleveraging
  5. Model will calculate full cash flow and net income impact to adjust the balance sheet
  6. Program will project the balance sheet, cash flow, and income until Exit